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Mobile Apps

Mobile App List

  • 2017 Merck Compendium Fertility App for ESHRE 2018 An iPad App that show case all Fertility device in 3D modollings. Link: https://hcp.merckgroup.com/id-en/fertility.html

  • 2016 Genea Gidget Devops support for an app that Electronic Witnessing through every step of the patient IVF cycle. Link: https://www.geneabiomedx.com/Products/Gidget

  • 2016 Genea Geri Simulator An iPad simulator app that showcase how embryo grow in incubator. Link: https://www.geneabiomedx.com/Products/Geri

  • 2015 TOYOTA DriverDirect A GPS tracking app for drivers: electronic logbook, expense recording Link: https://www.toyotafleetmanagement.com.au/fleet-management-services/driver-direct

  • 2014 Diabetes Australia Link: https://www.facebook.com/DiabetesAus/photos/the-diabetes-australia-app-is-a-great-resource-for-meal-planning-latest-news-and/1355359457825927/

  • 2014 Trade Events Mate for Tourism Australia Responsible for upgrading the app from version 1.1 to 1.2,which involving converts from a native app to a Jquery mobile app so it can also support Android platform. The project is finish in 4 weeks.

  • 2014 Ozapp Reader Link: https://www.apppicker.com/reviews/13505/ozapp-reader-free-app-review-a-collection-of-free-magazines-from-all-over-the-world

  • 2013 Melon Magazine Apps - Hybird iOS/Android Link: https://issuu.com/melonmagazine