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Open Source Projects


My open sources projects are mostly in Github and Gitlab. I published some tools that I think can help others frontend development.


Below is the list of all open source project since 2015

  • https://gitlab.com/ozapp_public/john-cv

    Source code of my online resume with NuxtJs, visit seek.ozapp.mobi.

  • https://github.com/pi-jzl/simple-mqtt-broker 2019

    Simple mqtt broker that just broadcast everything to all clients

  • https://github.com/pi-jzl/vuejs-docker-unit-e2e 2019

    A docker image that design for VueJs project

  • https://github.com/pi-jzl/example_pgb_cli Aug 2018

    Example scripts to upload to phonegap build and download iOS/Android build

  • https://github.com/pi-jzl/simple-router-helper Mar 2016

    A simple route helper for AngularJS based on John Papa's style guide.

  • https://github.com/ozapp/angular-telstra-sms 2015

    An angularjs service that take care of send SMS with telstra API.

  • https://github.com/ozapp/remsponsive 2015

    An example to use rem for responsive design.